Lent 2020

Dear family in Christ,

Jesus said:

“Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces much. John 12:24

I remember when I was growing up in my hometown called Aylmer, Quebec Canada, I would look at the squirrels in the Autumn and how they hid acorns, burying them and then digging them up again. I was always amazed how they remembered where they had buried them. I suppose it’s a survival issue for them and a gift that God had given them as one of His creatures. It’s amazing that they can’t lose sight of what they have set aside, it’s not surprising that they manage to find them again.

The squirrels know they must put what they need to prosper into a time of quiet and hiding. Doing that lets them keep going when there’s little else to sustain them. I wonder if the world could recognize our work during the Season of Lent to be something similar. Perhaps we’re the food being hidden away on the world’s behalf so that the world can keep going when there is nothing else to sustain it.

Lent is that time when we fall to the ground, when we enter the quiet sleep of late winter in preparation for the bursting forth of new life in springtime. We aren’t doing that just to keep ourselves alive, but that those around us, who depend on us, can trust that we will be there for them. It reminds me of the safety procedure on an airplane. “Put your oxygen mask on first, then you’ll be able to help those who need to put their masks on”.

Take Lent seriously this year and join the Blessed Virgin Mary and take on the focus of the cross and holy discipline, fasting and meditation, the quietness and the austerity, so that you too can be ready to endure life when the world needs us to do that. You are a blessing to the world when you can care for others because you care for yourself. 

May you and your family have a holy Lenten Season!

+Michel Joseph Pugin, O.S.B.




Marzo 16-30 Argentina Visita Pastoral, Confirmaciones y Ordenaciones. (Debido al Virus Corona, todas las personas que ingresan a Argentina deben permanecer en cuarentena durante 14 días. Entonces, debemos cancelar mi visita pastoral en este momento hasta otro momento apropiado (Mayo), con suerte pronto. Dios nos bendiga a todos y nos mantenga a salvo de cualquier daño. María Madre de la Esperanza, Patrona de la Iglesia, ruega por nosotros y protégenos. Amén.)

Abril 2-21 Long Beach, CA Semana Santa y Domingo de Pascua - Parroquia El Santisimo Sacramento

April 13-17 Meeting of the USA clergy and those of our terrirories, in Long Beach California hosted by our Parish of El Santísimo Sacramento.

Junio 5-8 Chicago Primer Visita Pastoral a la parroquia La Misericordia para confirmaciones.

June 25-30 San Antonio Ordination to the priesthood of Deacon Frank W. Bellino.

Juillet 2-15 Haiti Visite Pastorale Vicariat Notre Dame d'Haiti.

September Pastoral Visit to Peabody, MA the parish of St. Clare. 

September-October Canada Family Visit.