NCACUS is a part of the Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and as long as everyone keeps their legitimate succession, Sacraments are administered validly.

We profess the Athanasius, Nicene and Apostles Creeds and believe in the statements of the first seven Ecumenical Councils of Christendom.

We believe that the power of the Church rests on the authority of the bishops alone assembled in council, called a Synod.

1.- We believe that the seven Sacraments are of divine institution.

2.- We reject Arianism and other heresies condemned by the Church that violates Catholic doctrine.

3.- We believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary is truly Mother of God, the “Theotokós”, through whom our Savior Jesus Christ was conceived and was born into the world; We believe that the “Theotokós” has strong intercessory power and we seek her prayers and intercession on behalf of ourselves, the Church and the world.

4.- We believe in a married priesthood, but value celibacy as a gift of the Holy Spirit.

5.-We believe in the veneration of sacred images, Icons, medals and relics of Saints.

6.- We believe that life begins at conception and therefore reject the act of abortion as a means to simply end human life.

7.- We believe that the use of contraceptives as a birth control is left to the freedom of conscience of the individual.

8.- We are a Sacramental Church, we embrace the fullness of Christianity as expressed in Catholic Tradition; we uphold the teachings of the Catholic (Universal) Faith, which was handed down to us by the Apostles through Jesus Christ; we profess One Holy Catholic and Apostolic faith, as expressed in the undivided Church Councils.

9.- We hold a valid Apostolic Succession from Dom Carlos Duarte Costa, who was the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Titular See of Maura and the Ordinary of Botucatu, Brazil. Dom Carlos Duarte Costa founded the Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira on July 6, 1945, then the Church began to spread to other nations.